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Our Services

Blue Water provides Professional 24 Hour Agency Services at all U.S. Ports and Precision Freight Forwarding for Bulk Cargoes

Complete ENOA/D Services

We ensure timely filing of 96 hour Electronic Notice of Arrival/Departure with the Coast Guard, a requirement for entry/departure from the US.

Complete AMS Services

For inbound cargoes, Blue Water can take care of all of your Automated Manifest System (AMS) requirements from load to discharge.

Government Entrance Formalities

Prepare and submit all documentation for advance notification and formal entry in port with Customs and Border Protection.

Pre-Arrival/In-port Logistics & Scheduling

Advance notification and the most economically timely arrangement for all port services and movement of vessels (Pilots, Towage, Mooring, Launches, etc.)

Barging and Rail Coordination

Assistance with Barge and Rail logistics to include IP specialty cargoes.

On-board Attendance of Vessels

On time and in charge, Blue Water Agents are on board for arrival/inspections, cargo operations, completion, ensuring proper procedures and practices are followed while protecting our customers’ interests and cargo.

Supervision of Inspections/Surveys

Our team on board works closely with National Cargo Bureau, USDA and other government and independent surveyors to expedite and facilitate timely, fair, unbiased, surveys and inspections.

Customs Brokerage

Complete Customs services from pre-arrival to post sailing including timely and accurate filing of all Government forms (Cargo Declarations, Immigration Crewlist, etc.)


The Blue Water Team successfully combines the latest technology and excellent relationships with local facility management and contacts in an effort to obtain and promulgate the latest and most accurate information is everything and we therefore pledge to keep our customers abreast of the latest updates as they occur.


Blue Water Guarantees timely and accurate preparation and forwarding of all Load Port and Discharge Port Documentation, including Statement of Facts /Port Log, Notice of Readiness, Cargo Manifest, Stowage Plans, Bills of Lading, Notices of Protects, etc.

Stowage Preparation

Blue Water works to obtain accurate, maximized stowage plans that satisfy our customers’ requirements. Our on-line database system automatically calculates and checks estimated stowage factors, often revealing problems before they materialize. Our personnel are knowledgeable in stability and grain stowage and assist vessels with the preparation of plans.

Laytime Calculation

We provide quick and accurate Laytime Calculation Statements upon request.

Financial Negotiations

Dockage, Facility Overtime, S&F Charges or Stevedoring often amount to over 75 per cent of the cost of a Port Call. Our Team’s expertise in negotiation with Terminals and Facilities often results in considerable savings for our customers.

Cash Delivery to Vessels

Delivered safely by bonded and insured couriers.

Delivery of Spares

Including Customs Clearance of items.

Attendance to Vessel’s Requirements

We develop a close working relationship with Masters and attend their every need while in port.

Bunkering Coordination

Work with local suppliers to ensure the quickest, most economical delivery of bunkers to vessels with fewest delays.

Sampling Coordination

On request we work with the FGIS to obtain required samples for Customer requirements.

USCG Liaison

Complete and professional liaison with Coast Guard during on board inspections. We can also act quickly to remedy deficiencies and avoid lengthy Port Detentions.

Emergency Management

(Oil Spills, Collisions, Natural Disasters, etc.) We are on call 24 hours a day with emergency procedures and plans to assist vessels and customers in times of emergency and disaster.

Complete Freight Forwarding

Blue Water offers complete Freight Forwarding Services to include Bill of Lading preparation, banking and all official certification required by local and foreign governments

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