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From our inception, Blue Water has been committed to embracing technology in all aspects of our business. Over the last 3 decades we have experienced the most exciting technological advances in human history.

In 1990 our founder, Don Bass, selected Apple Computers as the platform that would be best suited for our business. Many years later we find ourselves in a world saturated with iPod's, iPhones, MacBookPro Laptops and iMac desktops. Combined with numerous innovative and useful software applications, this has all allowed our personnel to evolve into "IT savvy" users that are better able to stay ahead of the growing technology demands of our customers and our industry.

We are extremely proud that our network is 100% Macintosh! Following Apple's slogan "Think Different", we at Blue Water continue to strive for the "cutting edge touch" in our interaction with the world by

- mobile connectivity for all of our agents through laptops, wireless internet modems - even while on board vessels...

- video and audio presentations and training tools that bring our customers "on board" vessels or "on-site" at facilities without leaving the comfort of their desks...

- instantaneous voice, picture and data communications through the latest and most dependable hardware available, resulting in real-time information for our customers that facilitate a more reliable decision-making process...

- an interactive website that serves as a useful tool for our customers rather than just a marketing platform.

At Blue Water, we have no intention to follow when we can have this much fun leading!
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